Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My New Hobby, Crochet!
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My mother taught me to crochet when I was 16. I made an afghan which took me a long time to complete and I didn't make anything else until now, 18 year later! Took me a bit to get the hang of it again but I'm enjoying myself! My first project was the "trial" pair of slippers for myself which I think turned out great! Then I made some for the kids! My daughter suggested I make more slippers and sell them and so "Mrs. Marine's Custom Crochet" was born. Visit the link for more details! I also have a Facebook page:

Cell phone purse (for when I walk to pick up my kids from school and I'm wearing a dress/skirt and don't have pockets)

Sissy's Miss-Matched Slippers (side medium)

My Slippers (size large)

Booboo's Slippers (size small)

I still have to make a pair for Hubby

UPDATE I forgot to add this in:

Granny Slippers also have "grippy" bottoms! This was done with silicone. I'm still looking for a spray-on stuff so I can easily cover more of the bottom but have yet to find what I want. This is my slipper, did this to my kids slippers also. My daughter said she doesn't like it because she cant "skate" in them anymore. Which is the whole point! It means their not slippery anymore!

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Lolo @ Crazy About My Baybah said...

I want a pair of those slippers!

shalahowell said...

Those slippers are gorgeous! I knitted a pair of slippers for myself recently, but slip and slide all over the house in them. Any tips for how I can make the soles less slippery?

Karren Haller said...

Hope you will be able to stop by WW this week
Miniature Purses WW w/Linky

Ms POSH said...

That is pretty cool! I haven't done that in a long time. POSH

Lois Ridley said...

Those shoes are wonderful! My neice made me some in my favorite color!

Cropped Stories said...

These are just the cutest thing I've seen! Love the vibrant colors too!

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