Friday, January 09, 2015

Deployment #9...

Yup, you read the title right...

Hubby will be deploying for the 9th time in a few short months... I must say we have finally had a much needed break from deployments, it has been 4 years since his last! However that does not mean he has been home every night for the last 4 years... It doesnt work that way... It just means over the last four years the longest he has been gone is probably 2 months.

Does that fact make it harder or easier?
I'm not really sure...

Deployments and seperation never get any easier, I only learn how to deal with them better. This deployment will probably be the hardest on the kids, Sissy complains a lot whenever Daddy is gone. Even if he just gets home late, she doesnt like not getting to see him before she goes to bed at night and Booboo needs a man around the house, even though he is mommy's boy, he likes doing the guy stuff with Daddy! Especially going to the hardward store! Haha!

So, yet again, I get to be the single parent, and over summer break too....... Ugh! I'm gonna go crazy!!! You wanna come with me?

Friday, December 19, 2014

Ready for Christmas?

Are you ready for Christmas?
Is your shopping done?
Are you done wrapping?

The inside of my house has been decorated for weeks! We did not have any lights or decorations to put up outside... We had a lot of lights at one point but are now down to only three sets of lights all of which are on the tree, two of them are short and all blue (the lights I also use to "Light it up Blue" in April for Autism Awareness month) and the other set is regular colors.

I blame Hawaii for ruining all our lights, because two years ago we went crazy decorating outside (although it was military joint family housing) but we had 3 windows, around the front door and the fence covered in lights as well as icicle lights from the roof awning! Many strands of lights, and two lighted reindeer. None of which work anymore... Part of it may have been the light sets we bought were not good quality, but I also think the hot humid weather in Hawaii was somehow harsh on the lights and caused them to short out.

I want to try to get some decorations for outside on sale just after Christmas so that next year we can go crazy decorating outside!!!

I still have LOTS AND LOTS of wrapping to do... Haven't wrapped anything yet... Also, all the family sends gifts in the mail and none of them have wrapped anything... UGH! So, I told Hubby we are going to have a wine drinking wrapping party this weekend!!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Novel Bloggers: Blogging a book of fiction

Did you know I have another blog?
Yup, it has been more neglected than this one has, haha! I am trying to get back in the habbit of posting to both on a regular bases. 

My other blog, is called Novel Bloggers, originally when it began I had the idea to make it a blogging book club with multiple contributors, however that did not work out. I have done a few book reviews and other book related posts. 

The new project on Novel Bloggers is a fiction book I have been working on, I will post one chapter at a time. The book is called Amelia's Diaries, read the Prologue and other chapters here!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Keeping a Child Safe, Secure and Happy in the Car

Your child might be too young to ask ‘are we there yet?’, but they can still get bored on a long car journey. An unhappy toddler can turn a family outing into a miserable nightmare, and can even be dangerously distracting. Keeping your tot comfortable and secure is key to a safe and enjoyable trip for everyone.

Car Seats
The most important consideration is children’s car seats. With a wide variety of seats on the market,shop around to find one that suits your needs: some types of toddler seats are suitable for children from nine months old, and some can be used until the child is 11. These are fitted in the rear seat of the car either using an adult seat belt or the car's built in anchor points.

If possible, buy a car seat in person, try it out in your car, and sit your child in it. Ask a member of staff for help if you're not sure which one is most suitable. They can have either an integral harness or an impact cushion, so experiment to see which seems more comfortable and secure, and which is easiest for you to operate.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Making your child responsible

There are a number of responsibilities on your shoulder, as a parent. One of them is, making your child responsible. If you need some motivating tips, read on and make them responsible.

1. Start with it before they are old enough to say ‘no’
Well, if your child starts learning about important activities when he is a toddler, he will hardly say no to you and you can be sure that your child in on the learning path. Once they grow older, they will tend to avoid or postpone it. So, start young and let them have some responsibility on their shoulders as they are growing up.

2. Let them help you with the daily chores
If you can, let them be a part of your daily routine and understand the difficulties you are going through. This will help them understand that you are working hard to keep your house clean, and he cares less about it and wastes no time in destroying your hard work. So, the next time you do housework, let your son help you.

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